Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

It is getting real people!!! I have roughly 5 weeks left of this pregnancy....only 5 weeks. That is so soon! Luckily I am feeling more and more ready for Madison's arrival so hopefully by the time she actually comes, I will feel fully prepared (or as prepared as I can be!).

Madison is now the size of a honeydew melon. She is about 18 inches long and 5.25 pounds. Things are getting tight in there!!

Brayden thinks Madison makes a great headrest!

Belly is getting bigger!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: +20 total pounds

-Gender: GIRL!! Madison Kay

-Nursery: I almost have everything organized. Her clothes are all put away and the baskets are full of soft blankets. I have diapers and wipes ready to go. The only thing I really have left to do in her nursery is hang up the wall art, decorate the bookshelf, bring in the glider and then bring home a baby!! It feels so good that all her clothes are organized. I probably need some more warm clothes in 3 months to get us through the winter but as for right now, we are pretty set.

-Movement: You would think that with her current size and the fact that she is running out of room, that she would be moving less. This is not the case. She still moves around all the time!! My belly goes completely crooked. I love that she still moves around so much but sometimes it is really uncomfortable....like when I am driving and her feet are practically pushing their way out my side! Crazy little girl.

-Clothing: All maternity. It has been this way for a while and I don't really mind it. I have many more choices this time than when I was pregnant with Brayden so I am not just wearing the same 5 shirts every week. With that being said, I look forward to the day that I can wear some of my cute clothes again. My reward for getting back into shape after having Madison will definitely be clothing!

-Cravings: No true cravings this week. I have been eating a lot of fruit and I actually ate shrimp tacos again! Delish!

-Overall Feeling: Exhausted. I am still not sleeping well and with Madison still being so active, I am mostly just drained of energy. Oh and the fact that I am usually trying to keep up with a 2-year old probably makes me tired too.

-Fears: This might sound dumb but I am afraid my house will just be a complete mess after Madison gets here. I am a pretty clean person and I like to have things put away where they belong. Hubby does not share this feeling. I am hoping that having the house organized will help and then just making sure Brayden picks up his toys at night and reminding hubby that I need help, my house won't be too embarrassing when guests come over to see Madison.

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