Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks!

It's kind of frightening that this COULD be my last bumpdate post. My doctor thinks I will have Madison between 38 & 39 weeks...which is THIS week! Yikes! We will just have to wait and see if she is right. I go back to my doctor tomorrow to check my fluid and to see if I am dilated any more.

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: +20 pounds total

-Gender: GIRL! Madison Kay.

-Nursery: We finally ordered a glider yesterday so now we are just waiting for it to arrive. I really hope it gets here before Madison but we will see!

-Movement: She is starting to slow down a little bit but she still twists her booty all over the place and makes my stomach completely crooked.

-Clothing: Maternity dresses and skirts lately to keep cool. Some regular tanks still fit over my bump (like in the picture above!).

-Cravings: Fruit. Since it's been so hot, nothing warm to eat sounds good. Just nice, cold fruit!

-Overall Feeling: Mostly tired but I do get bursts of energy and clean around the house. I just cleaned my ceiling fans the other day and that felt great! Now I just need to make sure I vacuum, clean the bathrooms and then wet swiffer the floors. Then I will feel good about Madison coming this week! Oh and I am also completely emotional! I rocked Brayden to sleep for his nap the other day because we were really struggling and when I looked down and he was actually asleep on my chest, it totally brought me to tears! It has been over a year since he has fallen asleep on me while being rocked. It was a really sweet moment until I went to put him in his crib and he started crying. I immediately remembered why I don't rock him to sleep anymore. It was a sweet moment though! 

-Fears: No fears this week really. I do have a small feeling of sadness that Brayden will no longer be my only child. I am very excited to be bringing another child into the world but Brayden has been my only concern for the last two years. He is my whole world and now I am going to have to share that world with a little girl. I am overjoyed and a little sad at the same time. Brayden has been a little extra attached lately so I think he knows something is coming. I hope we can all adjust quickly and make this new journey an amazing one!

Relaxing on Maddie while drinking his morning milk!

The boy loves his bubble baths!!

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