Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Recently

Since Brayden is an incredibly active 2-year old, I have been trying my very best to get him out and playing every day. Some days are harder than others considering I am getting late into my pregnancy. Honestly, some times I really just don't feel like chasing him around the park and taking him on a walk is virtually impossible since my doctor told me not to do a whole lot of walking (Madison was already in position at my last ultrasound!). So here are some things we have been up to lately!

Playing with chalk!

Doing "pull-ups" with Daddy!

Watching crickets hop around...he thought they were so silly!

He chooses to play in the dirt and rip up fallen leaves while at the park.

He still thinks its HILARIOUS when Elmo sneezes like a trumpet!

One new thing we did recently was go test out a MOMs club I might join. I have been looking for something that would give Brayden regular interaction with other kids his age but also wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. We are having another baby within the next 5 weeks and diapers aren't cheap! We met at an awesome park and the moms were great. They do weekly play dates with kids grouped by age. This means Brayden would be surrounded by kids his age and would really learn how to interact with them. They also do fun things besides just parks...they do crafts play dates and stuff too. I am pretty excited to be joining this group and hope it really benefits Brayden... and me too!

We have been down to the beach quite a few times recently and Brayden LOVES to run in the sand. He doesn't care too much for sitting and actually playing with sand toys for longer than a few minutes but he could chase the birds all day long!

Also, Madison's room is almost done! I just need to hang the art work and it should be complete. So excited to finally almost feel ready for her to come.

Look at all those little pink clothes!!!

So there you have it! Our crazy little life that is about to get even crazier...and we can't wait!

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