Monday, July 1, 2013

Bumpdate: 30 Weeks!

I officially have about 10 weeks left and I can't even believe it! This pregnancy has gone by so fast and I am starting to freak out a little. Recently my uncle asked me if I was ready for her to come and my answer was a very firm "NO!" Haha...I am not ready at all! Hopefully after my baby sprinkle I will feel a little more ready since I will have some of the necessities. We do have the crib already so at least Madison has somewhere to sleep...we just need to put it together!

Let's get to it!

-Due Date: September 11

-Gender: GIRL! Madison Kay.

-Weight Gain: I am +18 so far. Not too bad but I don't want to gain more than 25 so I need to keep myself in check over the next 10 weeks. No more donuts for me!

-Nursery: As I mentioned above, we got the crib thanks to my mother-in-law! We still need to put it together but we finally got her room mostly cleared out. Now we actually have a place to put the crib HA!

-Movement: Well my doctor went to listen to her heart beat and gave me a really weird look because my whole stomach moved. Then my doctor called her feisty!! Haha. Needless to say, she moves all. the. time.

-Clothing: All maternity with the exception of a few things...some t-shirts, one pair of shorts, and a few skirts.

-Cravings: Still shrimp tacos but also has become a problem! My husband actually told me I was not allowed to make brownies anymore. Oops!

-Overall Feeling: Pretty tired and having hip pain because sleeping isn't easy anymore. Hopefully I can find a sleeping solution but I am not counting on it. I just take what I can get and then try to lay low during Brayden's naps. Other than that, I feel pretty good for most of the day. I get wiped out chasing after Brayden but hubby is home a lot more so he gets down and does all the floor play with him now. So thankful!!

-Fears: Getting everything ready. I know 10 weeks is a long time but I am still afraid that it won't all get done in time. We have the whole nursery to set up, clothes to wash, covers to wash (bouncer, car seat, pack'n'play, etc). Hopefully I feel better after my baby sprinkle!

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