Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brayden's Birthday Bash: Arrrgggg!!!

If any of you remember, we had a HUGE monster party for Brayden's first birthday. It was absolutely crazy! This year I decided to keep Brayden's party very small for several reasons. 1) I can't afford to feed about 50 people on top of purchasing all the decorations and Brayden's present. 2) Brayden got so many presents last year that we literally just opened one of the last few about a week ago. It has taken over a year to open all those presents. Ugh!! We definitely have the space to hold all those presents especially with Madison arriving so soon. 3) I wanted it to be easy. I didn't want to be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I wanted to actually enjoy my son's birthday and spend time with him. 

Everything was perfect! Brayden still got a ton of presents but it's totally manageable. I am going to be going through them this weekend and deciding on a few things to put up and away that I will be able to take out on a particularly rough day after Madison comes (I know we will have those days and I think a small present reminding him how much I love him would really help!). 

If you saw the sneak peek picture from my bumpdate, then you already know we had a pirate theme party! It was so fun and actually not very expensive. I was going to DIY some decorations but I found decorations so cheap that it would have been more expensive to make them myself! So instead of boring you with my words, I will let the pictures do the talking! 

No cake this year...just cupcakes made my ME! And I got the food picks with the grey polka dot paper at Target and just added pirate stickers.

Tables were decorated with beaded necklaces and baskets of Pirate's Booty for guests to snack on.

Such a ham!

This was the appetizer table. Table cloth from Party City and my mom already had the awesome chests that we filled with snacks like trail mix and chips.

Carrying in his presents!

Still so spoiled!

Easy way to know which cup in yours....pirate stickers on each cup. (Unless you are me and can't remember which stickers you had....then you have to write your name too!)

Pirate balloons from party city and polka dot balloons from Target.

Awesome pirate tattoos from Party City...Brayden picked out this extremely TOUGH parrot for me to have!

While opening presents, he got a tooth brush and insisted on cleaning up his teeth!

Blowing out his candle (from Target).

He took one bite of his cupcake and didn't want any more. He actually asked for his drink. Haha!! (He doesn't have sugary things very often!)

Having a blast playing with all his new toys!

Grandma and Grandpa got him a freaking police car!!! Spoiled rotten by them!

We got him this trike! He has gone on a ride in it basically every day since his party! He loves it!

As you can tell, the party was a huge success. Brayden was a little grouchy but that's because he didn't get to take his regular nap at 12:30 since the party started at 11. He was entertained though and once he got some food in his belly, he was a little happier. He did great opening all his presents. I thought for sure he would get stuck on a present and refuse to open the rest of them but he kept moving right along! It was a huge help that hubby kept passing him a new present to open and I would move the already opened present off to the side. 

The party was pretty short (I think everyone was gone by 2:30) but it was perfect! Brayden got to go down for a nap and then wake up and play with his toys all over again. 
I can't thank everyone enough for coming to Brayden's party and making his 2nd birthday so special. I still can't believe he is 2! Lord help up with the terrible twos that have already started.

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