Thursday, June 6, 2013

Music Class...Success!!

So yesterday marked our 3rd music class at our community center and Brayden finally likes it! At the first class, Brayden kept shouting "no music class, no music class" which was very embarrassing and he didn't want to participate at all. The music was loud, there were about 10 other kids and their parents in the class and he just wanted to be in my arms. Sort of how our swim class started. Unfortunately, the next week we couldn't go because I got sick with my cold. Then last week, he did a little better and participated some but still wanted to be up in my arms. The worst part? He had a FIT when we had to give back the drum sticks and the little rattle thing. Again...very embarrassing to have the only kid that freaks out when he has to give something back. 

However, I am so happy to say that yesterday went GREAT!!! Brayden started off a little shy but then he really started to participate. Then the instructor brought out the drum sticks and I got a little nervous. You see, drum sticks are basically Brayden's most favorite thing ever. He will hold one all day, hitting the ground, raising it up in the air as he sings and so on. Of course he really enjoyed using the drum sticks during the one song and then it was time to put them back. 

He gave it back all on his own without as much as a single "eh"!!!! I was so incredibly happy and immediately gave him a huge hug and a high five! Such a proud Mommy moment! Then he was really getting into the marching slow and then fast with the group. He wasn't nearly as attached to me today. In fact, there were times that he would go off without me. I was so proud of him! 

I am sad that we only have one class left, and they don't have a summer program, but I know that he has adjusted quickly and will be great. I am going to look for another little program for us to do for the summer and then hopefully something for him to do with his daddy for when Madison comes. A special little activity each week for the two of them to bond and for me to only have one child as a time.

For now, I am enjoying the days with just Brayden! Love this little monster!

This is the very end of the class...a puppet show. He loves to see Elmo! And he actually sat in the chair on his own without me having to be right there next to him. Awesome day!

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