Monday, June 10, 2013

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks!

Only 13 weeks left to go (maybe) and it has been flying by! Madison is really growing a ton and her movements are getting much stronger. She is almost 2 pounds and about the size of a head of cauliflower. Good news is...if I so happened to go into labor, Madison would most likely survive with A LOT of help from doctors! This is obviously not on my radar at all but it is a comforting fact that her lungs are matured JUST enough to survive if she had to. Let's just make it at least another 12-13 weeks!

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: Same until I visit the doc again at the end of the month. +14 pounds total so far.

-Gender: GIRL! Madison Kay. And I have discovered that I have a shopping problem. I bought her 3 more outfits. I really need to stop because I haven't even had a baby shower yet and I know my family is dying to buy some girl stuff so she will get a ton!! But aren't they so cute?!?

-Nursery: (New topic!) We have started clearing things out of Madison's room to get the nursery ready. The only thing we have in there so far is a bookshelf that we already had but I am pretty excited to start decorating. I recently bought some prints from Zulily that will be the main focal point of her room and I also found a super easy mobile that I am going to make to hang over her crib. The "theme" is nature I guess if I have to label it. Lots of colors too!

-Movement: A whole lotta movement going on around here. It seems like she is constantly moving (already trying to keep up with her big brother!) and I love every bit of it!! Hubby is also less freaked out about it so he has been feeling her move more.

-Clothing: I am wearing all maternity clothes and I just bought another maxi skirt from Target that will do wonders for me over the summer. It is lightweight but it also crosses over in the front so I get a good breeze through the little gap in the fabric.

-Cravings: I don't even think I let myself crave the shrimp tacos this time because I had them again. I could probably eat them 2-3 times a week! So freaking delicious!

-Overall Feeling: I feel great!! I think a little insomnia has kicked in because I was awake from 3-5 in the morning but other than that I am pretty good. I am so lucky to have such easy pregnancies and that I am still able to play with Brayden and get down on the floor with him. I am also SUPER excited. Hubby graduates from the academy this week and then we will have him at home for a solid 3-4 days a week! I can't wait for all the family time we will get to spend together and do fun things like the park and the zoo and the aquarium. Things I don't really take Brayden to do by myself (except for the park) and things I know hubby is really looking forward to doing with Brayden. I am also going to be signing Brayden up for a new class of some sort (his music class ends after Wednesday) and I want it to be a class that hubby takes Brayden to. I think it will be excellent bonding time for them!

-Fears: Ugh...blame it on the early morning TV shows that are available (not many) but I am nervous about giving birth again. I remember it being painful obviously but that isn't really what I am worried about. I am worried about the things I cannot if something goes wrong. I just need to stay positive and know that my doctor is amazing and that everything will be fine. Stupid baby shows that get me all nervous about things I never even thought about! Lesson learned: don't watch the baby shows while pregnant!

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