Tuesday, June 11, 2013

23 Months!

Holy mother of God...Brayden will be TWO YEARS OLD in just one, quick month. I am totally freaking out. How can I have a two year old?!?! 

My mother and I recently found a camera used when Brayden was first born and during his first Christmas and I can't believe how different he is. Obviously I have been through all the changes with him and I KNOW he is so grown up, but I look at those old pictures and suddenly remember how he used to be so small. How has he grown up and gotten so big so fast? Where has my little baby boy gone? 

Whelp, he has turned into quite the comical little toddler! He is constantly making us all laugh and is talks non-stop. Even random strangers at Target and the grocery store will mention how well he talks (because he is obviously talking the ENTIRE time we are there and they hear every word!). He is so much fun to have around and I am so incredibly happy that I get to be home with him. I get to experience all those funny moments during the day that I would otherwise miss if I was working away from home. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes need a break from this crazy little man but on most days, I get bored during his nap because he is so entertaining. Needless to say, we love our little monster like crazy and I can't wait to see him evolve into an amazing big brother. 

Here are some new things he is doing: 
-Drinking out of a big boy cup (not sippy cups)
-Practicing sitting on his big boy potty (hasn't gone potty yet and we aren't actually potty training, just getting him used to it)
-Swinging on the big kid swing
-Jumping off small steps and ledges (he just started this at the park yesterday and although it is scary, it's pretty cute. And he doesn't jump off anything high {yet} so he can't hurt himself too bad if he falls)
-Sitting at a regular chair to eat (we just did this earlier today while eating breakfast at Panera and he did great! He didn't try to get down once and sat eating his breakfast like a big kid!)
-Chores; not cleaning the bathroom or anything but he has to help put all his toys away before going to bed each night. This helps to get the house picked up and I try to make him feel super great for helping Mommy and Daddy. He also puts his dirty clothes in the hamper after we get him changed into his pajamas. Hopefully he continues to enjoy helping us!

Notice how all these things are "big kid" things?!?! Yeah, he is definitely becoming a big kid.

-Movies (all Baby Genius DVDs, Tangled, Ice Age, Happy Feet, Up)
-Pretty much all food and drinks
-Being outside
-Music class
-Helping out
-Being on Mommy and Daddy's bed
-Cartoons (Mickey, Sofia, Super Why, Elmo, Hugglemonsters, Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
-Ice cream

-Berries (for some reason, he won't even try berries or grapes)
-Being in the car for long periods of time
-Being told "no" {obviously}
-Not getting to watch his DVDs {or not being able to take them absolutely EVERYWHERE!!}

Pretty excited about his ice cream sandwich!

His first big boy cup!

Playing on GiGi's iPad! The only one he ever gets to play on.


No more baby swings for this kid!

Taken by Brayden himself!

Helping out by mixing the pancake batter!

So there you have it! Brayden at 23 months in a nutshell. I can't believe that when I write this post next month, he will actually be TWO! I guess it's time to start getting things ready for his party. Here's a clue....ARRRRGGG!!! Check back in a couple weeks for some DIY projects I will be making for his party.

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