Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bumpdate: 28 Weeks!

Yikes!! I have only 12 weeks left (if I make it the full 40 weeks) and that means I am officially into the 3rd trimester. How has this gone by so fast?!

I know the next 12 weeks are going to fly by so I am really excited to have my baby shower{sprinkle} planned and to get some new, girly things for Madison. I am not so stoked on all the pink {it's definitely my least favorite color} but I am getting used to it a little.

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: I go to the doctor next week so I will have a new number then.

-Gender: GIRL! Madison Kay. I avoided purchasing anything for her this week, however, my sister bought her an adorable outfit from Target!

-Nursery: I don't think her room will have any pink and I am totally fine with that! I never understood how people could paint their nursery pink on every wall. I think I would barf just buying the paint! Like I said, I don't like pink. Anyways, I did receive the prints I ordered for the nursery so now I need to go buy some frames. I also need to make the mobile and then just wait for the baby shower to hopefully get the crib and dresser that I registered for.

-Movement: More and more movement from this little girl! She has a pretty regular schedule of movement right now and she goes nuts first thing in the morning and then usually again at night before I go to sleep. I guess those are pretty much the only two times that I am sitting/laying still for longer than 10 minutes!

-Clothing: I broke down and purchased two more maternity things...a black maxi dress and then a maxi skirt to wear for my maternity photos. I am pretty excited about the maxi dress because it will be great even after I have Madison to wear for the first few weeks when I am still pretty pregnant looking and the fabric crosses over in the front and will make nursing really easy.

-Cravings: Well I tried to get my shrimp fix from Taco Surf and ordered the shrimp fajitas but they were a huge bust. No flavor at all and they were overcooked. Ugh! Looks like I will have to get shrimp again this week from somewhere else!

-Overall Feeling: I feel awesome. So lucky to be feeling so great and the heat hasn't gotten too bad yet so I haven't had to deal with overheating. I am a little nervous for the rest of the summer but so far, so good.

-Fears: I am a little fearful for those first few weeks with a newborn and a toddler. Brayden is pretty attached to me during the day because I am usually the only one home with him. Now that hubby will be home more, I am hoping he isn't so bad when I can't pick him up or hold him because I am feeding. We will see.

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