Friday, June 7, 2013

Just Keep Swimming...

As most of you already know, Brayden absolutely LOVES the water. Baths, dog bowls, buckets full and of course, pools! My aunt has an amazing backyard and Brayden does NOT get out of the pool. The first weekend, Mother's Day, was a blast but poor Brayden left with cut up feet from running on the benches in the pool and spa (the heat was not on!). He was barely walking the next day because each and every little toe had a scab on it. Oops! Mommy fail. Also, it was quite a workout for us adults because he doesn't swim on his own yet so someone had to hold him the whole time he was in there (ALL DAY!). 

So we used our brains a little more for the next weekend. First up...water shoes! Those poor little piggies had just healed and I wasn't about to let him get new scabs! He didn't mind the water shoes at all and he could actually run a little better on the benches. Win, win. Next up, a floaty! My mom bought him one from Costco that just goes around his arms and waist. They are the new design but already approved by the US Coast Guard so I felt safe putting him in the spa with it on. Bonus...he loved it! I was a little nervous that he wouldn't even let me put it on him but he didn't mind at all.

Then we spent the day just watching him from the side of the spa kicking his little heart out!

It was an awesome day and I loved not having to worry SO much about him being in the spa. Even when someone is with him, there is that chance that he will wiggle out of their arms and go under. Obviously, he would survive this incident as someone is right there with him, but it would be tragic anyways(probably more for me than him!). This will be our perfect summer activity, especially since I bought a family-size pool from Target for my parent's backyard! Let the swimming commence!

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