Monday, June 3, 2013

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks.

Okay you guys, I recently met another woman with the same due date as me (cool!) and she doesn't even look pregnant (not cool)....this made me feel HUGE!!! I know I am not huge but when you see another woman, also 26 weeks along wearing her normal jeans and a normal, flowy top and doesn't even show...yeah, that's when I feel large! On a good note, Madison is growing a ton and the doc says everything is going great! Madison is now about 1.66 pounds and is about 14 inches long (the length of a scallion!).

-Due Date: September 11

-Weight Gain: 14 pounds...I am right on track to gain a healthy 25-30 pounds (this is what my doctor recommends!)

-Gender: GIRL!! Madison Kay.

-Movement: She moves most of the time now...constantly rolling and giving me little kicks! I absolutely LOVE feeling her me that confirmation that she is healthy and active!

-Clothing: Maternity clothes but I can still wear a few normal pieces. I am trying to expand my maternity wardrobe just enough to get me through. I need a few tank tops and maybe a couple more maxi skirts to get me through this hot summer.

-Cravings: No new cravings this week although the berries have come in at my parents house (from their backyard) and I swear I could eat a whole bucket of them daily! So delicious!

-Overall Feeling: Accomplished. The hubs and I got a lot of work done over the weekend. Sold some furniture, moved furniture and bough furniture! We sold our large couch and coffee table from our 3rd bedroom that was used as our den. That room is now going to be our master bedroom so we moved our bed, night stands, and armoire with TV into that room. We still need to move the dresser and then install a bar in the closet for our clothes to hang. Lots of progress though. Next up will be cleaning our previous master bedroom to get it ready for Madison's stuff. So exciting!

-Fears: Well my fear of getting everything done is slowly fading and I think after this coming weekend, I will feel confident that we can get it all done. However, Brayden had a rough day yesterday and I fear the days where I have a grouchy Brayden and a grouchy baby. Yikes. Luckily I have family close by and the hubs has 3-4 days off work each week to help out. I know we will make it though those days and I will sigh at the end, throw my feet up and drink some wine (or beer since I will be breastfeeding!).

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