Monday, February 11, 2013

19 Months

How did this happen?! How is it even possible that my little baby boy is already 19 months old?  I hate that time is passing so quickly because Brayden is amazing. I am pretty sure I say this each and every month, but it's still so true! Not much has changed with Brayden in the past month except his vocabulary. I swear, this kid talks more than I do! He can basically say any word we say but he isn't just copying us. He full on says sentences!! "What did you do?" happens to be one of his favorites..HA and he is always referring to himself when he drops something or is into something he knows he shouldn't be. It's so hard not to laugh every time! Okay so onto his likes and dislikes...

-Super Why! (I have a video of his love for this coming soon!)
-juice (always watered down of course)
-food (almost all foods these days although we sometimes still struggle with veggies)
-nightlight turtle
-blankets and pacis
-singing songs
-reading books
-the park (particularly the slide)
-Baby Genius videos
-baths and using his bath crayons

-being told "no"
-people leaving his presence (not just me anymore)
-eating different food than us

Okay so I can't think of anymore them in the comments if you can think of any!

Today on our park adventure, we met another little boy (only 2 months younger than Brayden) and he didn't talk AT ALL! Holy cow, I don't know what I would do if I was his mother. Brayden communicates so well (most of the time) and can verbally let me know what he needs. I don't miss that about the baby stage at all...the guessing was the worst part. Not knowing what was wrong or what they needed. I am so happy Brayden talks so well! We are most definitely a blessed family and I really do LOVE and appreciate everything we have. Life is pretty darn great!

Yep, that's a dog and a pig that live in a yard just two complexes down!

I honestly don't think he can get any freaking cuter!! He absolutely kills me! I love this dang kid so much. Oh and then he takes advantage of how much I love him by pooping in the bathtub...yep, that happened this morning. Oh the things we do for our children!

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