Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Announcement!

Yep...that's right!! Brayden is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!

We are so beyond excited and thrilled to be adding another little baby into our family. We had a small struggle late last year and I can confidently announce that we have made it through the questionable hump of pregnancy. I am 12 weeks along today!! 

It is such a relief that we made it to this crucial point in the pregnancy and I now feel comfortable letting people know. Also, my belly is starting to do that anyways. I am definitely showing already which is a shock to me...I don't think I was showing this early with Brayden!

So I will be doing weekly bump pictures along with updates of how things are going. Here we go:

-Due Date: September 11, 2013

-Weight gain: -2 pounds...haha I don't know how that happened. I gained a total of 27 with Brayden so I definitely want to gain about the same, healthy amount this time as well.

-Overall Feeling: I have felt great for a majority of the last 12 weeks. Besides being exhausted, I really haven't had any other issues. Except this morning...I threw up my whole breakfast. Gross! That has never happened before and I am really hoping it doesn't happen again!

-Gender: we don't know what we are having yet but we are definitely going to find out!

-Clothing: I am still in all my regular clothes but I have already had to start leaving my pants unbuttoned and just wear the BeBand. I CAN button most of my pants but it just gets uncomfortable so I avoid that altogether!

-Cravings: I generally want fruit, just like last time, but I haven't had many STRONG cravings. With Brayden, I had a strong craving for donuts for a while but I haven't experienced that yet with #2.

So there you have it! Hubs and I are very excited and we are starting to prepare Brayden. We have enrolled him in two classes for this spring/summer that will get him around other kids. He doesn't have hardly any interaction with other kids so we want him to get used to being around them and even sharing things like toys and attention. I am also going to get some books about being a big brother although I don't think he will understand most of it. Hopefully he will be ready by the time new baby comes!!

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