Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So We've Been Busy...

My kid is like a friggin machine! He NEVER stops! It makes it really hard to get in blogging time so thats why I haven't been doing it. And honestly, playing with my little monster is more fun! He has changed so much in the last month or so. He is talking constantly which makes me laugh a lot! Does he even know he is so funny?! He also has a favorite word..."no." It's. so. frustrating. It goes like this!

Me: Hey Brayden, do you want Gold Fish?
Brayden: No. (Then eats Gold Fish anyways)

Me: Brayden look, Super Why is on!
Brayden: No, no Super Why!

Me: Brayden, here is your dog and cottage cheese!
Brayden: No! No hot dog. (Then eats it all anyways)

How do I get him to stop saying no all the time!?!? Seriously, sometimes I have to stop, take a deep breath, and then move on. I even made up a song one day because he was literally saying no to EVERYTHING!! It goes like this "My name is Brayden, and my favorite word is no!" The song was a big hit and he wanted me to sing it over and over again! I still sing it for him and he starts jumping up and down and then says "no" when I get to the end! So cute. I have tried changing it to "yes" but he apparently doesn't like that word nearly as much!

Between saying no and then dancing to his new favorite song, he is also running around like crazy. I love this stage (on most days) because he is interested in so many things. Coloring, the park, just being outside in general, marching down hallways, singing, playing with tools, using drum sticks...and practically doing everything else! So there you have really long excuse for not blogging lately! Hopefully these pictures will help make up for my absence!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Look at that stance!! He just might be a baseball player!

He thought the boomerang was super fun...AKA boo-boo-bang!

These are most of the pictures I get lately...the back of his dang head!

Pretty excited for the slide...

Getting ready...

Here I go...


The sand obviously needs to be OUT of the sand box!

Wiping off his messy hands

The sand under the slide was very exciting...

Scooping it up...

And it obviously belongs ON the slide! Silly park.

So there you have it. Toddlers are busy...which makes for busy moms!

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