Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are so lucky!

How did we get so lucky to have TWO amazing families that are absolutely obsessed with our son?! I am not sure but I am definitely counting my lucky stars because life cannot get any better. We just spent a week in Alabama with my husband's family and it was amazing. It is always fun to see his family and this trip was no exception. We spent tons of time with my MIL and Brayden loved every moment of it. We also spent tons of time with my husband's brother and girlfriend...let me tell you, my husband and his brother(Ethan) are frighteningly alike! I mean, Brayden pointed at his uncle and called him "dada"....we had to correct that REAL quick. 

During our trip we got to watch Ethan graduate from the University of Alabama! It was so awesome to see this huge moment! Brayden did great during the ceremony and I only had to take him out to play a few times. We had a graduation party after and got to see family I haven't seen in 2 years. 

This was probably the best trip to Alabama yet! I really wish we could have stayed longer but we are hoping to make a trip out this summer so we can see the beautiful greenery! Instead of blabbering on about the rest of our trip, I will just show you the pictures!

Brayden did great on the flights and comfortably slept across our laps, however, we could not have been more uncomfortable! Next time we will definitely be getting a third seat for Brayden to have on his own! Other than the flights, this was a spectacular trip and now of course hubby wants to move back!

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