Tuesday, December 18, 2012

17 Months!

Whelp, I am a week and a day late on Brayden's 17 months post but that is pretty standard these days. As usual, Brayden has changed a ton in the last month! He is talking more than ever and is acting as a personal echo. It's all fun and games until he hears you say dammit and decides that is a great word to repeat. Oops!! He is wearing 18 months clothes and size 6 shoes and according to his doc, he is right on track. He had another cold but we seemed to kick it pretty quick this time. 

I really wish I could make this stage last longer! He is so much fun right now and he is still a pretty good listener. He will usually stop if we say no but the little rebel inside him is coming out. Sometimes he will keep doing whatever it is we told him to stop but after a smack on the hand, he will walk away and find something else to do. He is such a good little boy and he is just so happy!! He is still sleeping like a champ and taking one nap each day with about 12 hours of sleep at night. He still loves his baths, cartoons, food, milk, Elmo, Oso, PBS Kids, his grandparents (all of them) and great-grandparents too! The one thing he most certainly hates?? Haircuts. Yep, he totally freaked out last time and it took 3 tries for it all to get cut. Hopefully he grows out of that rather quickly because it is not fun for anyone when he needs a trim! Oh and the only other thing he hates is Santa! Haha if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have already seen his picture but I will be posting it here tomorrow. Poor kid! 

Anyways, Brayden is a happy, healthy 17 month-old little boy that we absolutely love to death! There is nothing better than being his "mommy"!

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