Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It is most definitely THAT time of year where I can barely get a breath in. I have been so busy with my sister in town, work, a sick baby boy and preparing to fly to Alabama this week. It has been a little nuts! 

Brayden got sick early last week so we have been trying to fight it with tons of Vicks vapor rub, a humidifier and the lovely nose suctioning. Ugh! Not fun! We did manage to get some fun in with a trip to get our Christmas tree and a trip to a local park that was hosting a holiday fun day. There was a snow slide and a snow play area and Santa was supposed to be there too. We didn't stay too long because it started right at Brayden's nap time but we were there just long enough for Brayden to play with some snow and for me to take some pictures.

This bad boy obviously still needs some decorations but
that will probably have to wait until we get back!

As for this week, I have some work stuff to get in order and then we leave for Alabama on Wednesday 1:20 am. Yuck! Obviously we chose that flight in hopes that Brayden will sleep a majority of the flight but I am really not looking forward to the whole flying part of this trip. Everything else will be amazing!! We will get to see my brother-in-law and his girlfriend graduate from college and have a graduation party with all of my husband's family. I am so beyond happy that we get to see everyone and spend some quality time with them. We don't get to see them nearly enough so this will be such a fun trip! We come back early the following week and it will be straight back to work for both of us. 

Like I said, super busy!! Before we know it, Christmas will be here and gone. It's so crazy during the holidays and it is really the time of year I would like to slow down the most. I love spending time with my family and it just goes too darn fast!! So I probably won't be back with an update until we get back from our trip. Even then, it might just be a photo bomb because I will just have too much to say about it all! 

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