Monday, September 3, 2012

More Kids...

I get asked quite often, by family and friends, when Chance and I plan on having more kids. We definitely want more kids and I would LOVE for my children to be close in age. My sister and I were only 15 months apart, although that time frame has LONG gone, and we are such great friends! I want my children to have the same relationship as I did with my sister. If it didn't cost so much money, I would already be pregnant! However, because it is so expensive to have and raise a baby, we will have to wait until Chance gets his dream job. We are hoping this happens pretty soon because there is a police department taking applications starting on Friday!! If Chance gets hired by a police department, we won't have to worry about the costs of having and raising another baby. So in short, my answer is as soon as Chance gets hired by a police department, we will hopefully get pregnant with baby #2! 

I mean...who wouldn't want another one of these cute little faces running around?!?!

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