Thursday, September 13, 2012

14 Month Stats!

I am a little late on this post but oh well! Brayden is now 14 months (& 2 days) and he is seriously so much fun! Obviously we have our moments of discipline and temper tantrums but for the most part, Brayden is awesome!

-water(dog bowl water is his favorite...gross!)
-the park
-his 4x4 truck
-building blocks
-us to be silly(by this I mean he likes it when we put things on our head, dance around like a fool, make silly noises, etc.)
-singing songs
-being outside
-laying on a pillow and blanket in the middle of the floor...and walking over it
-feeding himself

-when I leave without him
-when we say "no"...especially when we don't let him play in the trash can...also gross!
-diaper changes are getting more challenging
-rinsing his hair in the bath
-leaving somewhere when he is having fun
-getting in the car seat when he wants to run around...locked legs are hard to buckle in!
-green beans
-waiting to be impatient

There you have it! As you can tell from the lists, there are way more "likes" and that makes this stage with Brayden so much fun! He giggles at the TV and when we are being silly, runs around everywhere, & loves to dance with Momma! We are still waiting for his first real words but he is getting SO CLOSE!! We were at the grocery store yesterday and he said "nana" after I said "banana"! Of course he wouldn't say it again even though I tried for the rest of the evening! He will be talking before we know it! As for Brayden's measurements, we go to the doc next month for his 15 month wellness check so I won't have those updates until his 15 months stats post! Until then, here are some of my favorite pictures from the past month!

I mentioned in a previous post how much Brayden loves water...and he is in water in half of these pictures! He is obsessed! 

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