Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Weekend in Review!

Once again my poor baby does not get a break from teething! He currently has 8 teeth that have fully come through the gums. He is now cutting his canines and the teeth behind those...molars or something. Last night he went to bed just fine as usual but he woke up about 2 hours later crying, crying, crying. I waited just a couple of minutes to see if he would go back to sleep on his own but that definitely wasn't happening. I tried everything to get him to go back to sleep and it just wasn't working. He wouldn't even fall asleep on me which was really unusual! I gave him a dose of pain reliever and then cuddled with him a little longer. He still wasn't asleep but he wasn't going to sleep at all unless I just put him back in his crib. He was NOT happy about that at all! He cried on and off for about 30 minutes until he finally fell back asleep. It was a bit of a rough night but today was much better!

Brayden woke up totally happy and was a happy camper all day long (until he got tired tonight!) He took a GREAT nap and I got a ton of cleaning and organizing done (so much so that when he woke up, we were bored because I had nothing left to clean!). We decided to head over to my parents' house and on the way we stopped at a park we hadn't been to before. We pass this park almost every day but have never stopped! No one was there and it has a ton of trees so I figured it wouldn't be too hot. It was a nice little break for a day of being inside! I normally like to take Brayden to the park a few times a week but it has been WAY too hot lately so we have been stuck inside! 

As you can tell, he approved of this "new" park so we might be making stops there more often!! 

Oh and on another note, we went to a wonderful baby shower on Sunday! There were a ton of kids there and Brayden interacted with them quite well. He was very interested in running everywhere and going outside on the patio so the interactions were limited! All the ladies LOVED him and he was definitely being a flirt! I was really glad that he behaved so well at the shower. We have found it very difficult to take him to restaurants now because he is so active! Thankfully, this location had plenty of space for him to run around and get his little boy energy out!

He did manage to get in some quality flirting time with this little cutie!!! 

So overall we had a pretty good weekend with a little spaz moment of teething! It happens!! I can't really complain because I know other families have it WAY worse than we do! We are very thankful that Brayden is healthy and happy (most of the time :))

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