Sunday, August 12, 2012

13 Months!!

Not much has changed in the last month except a few new hobbies have arrived! First of all, Brayden now finds the "silly" things we do on purpose actually funny. Like putting a toy on my head or dancing around like a fool! Total giggles from the little one. Also, he is definitely starting to test boundaries. He knows what he is not supposed to do and tries to do them anyways. He is sure to look at us to see if we are watching and then goes on his merry way doing exactly what he is not supposed to do. Sweet!! On the upside, he plays with toys for longer. He used to see a toy, push a button or whatever, and then dismiss it and move on. Now he will actually sit down and concentrate on the toy for a few minutes! Hooray for concentration!! Oh and he is also very into figuring out how something works. He loves to turn things over and see where the music is coming from or open and close something multiple times. It is so fun to see his little brain working so hard to figure things out!

We don't go back to the doctor until Brayden is 15 months so I won't have exact weight or height measurements until then! For now I will just let you know that he is getting HEAVY! I am pretty sure I need to carry him on my right side more because my left arm is noticeably stronger than my right. Or maybe I can just work out like a normal person...HAHA! Just kidding!

-food (yogurt packs, banana, berries, cottage cheese, chicken, crackers, peas, hummus, carrots, sweet         potatoes, ravioli, pasta noodles)
-baths...or the lawn hose..or the pool...basically he LOVES water!
-throwing things
-screaming..and of course we laugh and he screams more..oops!
-the park
-bike rides

-being fed...he likes to feed himself
-being held
-sitting still
-green beans
and yeah he likes pretty much everything else!!

He saw a cute girl and decided to give her a little whistle ;)

He must take all the blocks out of the basket....every. single. time.

I think he has finally adjusted to the new apartment because his naps are back to being normal! Thank goodness!! Those were a rough few days for the both of us!
So another month has come and gone WAY too quickly!! These days really need to slow down...Brayden is just growing up too fast! Does anyone have a trick to slowing things down?! No...okay well work on that!
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