Friday, July 6, 2012

Less Than One Week...One Year Old

I know I have said this many times before but I seriously cannot believe that my little baby boy will be ONE!!! I am kind of in denial about the whole thing and maybe that is why I haven't done anything for his party yet...oops! (I at least sent the invitations!) I am beyond stressed about the party and yet I know that it doesn't actually matter. Brayden will not have any recollection of this event and I am sure I will forget all the things I was worried about by the time the party is over. BUT, I have so much going on right now that I feel like I am just barely above water. Ever feel that way?! Anyways, we are in the process of packing up our apartment to move, have family coming in on Saturday (which means I need to CLEAN like a freak) and I need to finish planning Brayden's party and do all the DIY decorations. Yikes! I am definitely trying to not let all of this get the best of me. I know that Brayden will have a great time even if he just has the cake. To him, this day is just like any other day! However, I know that I have tons of family coming to this party and my family is notorious for having great parties! I can't let everyone down...especially on such a big day! So, for the rest of this week I will be cleaning like a freak, DIYing like it's my job and procrastinating on everything else :) Sounds about right!!
I guess it doesn't help that I practically break down into tears every time I sit and think about Brayden turning one. It's not that I don't want him to grow and learn...I LOVE that he has gotten so smart and has such a big personality, but it just means he is not a baby anymore. *tear, tear* I guess this means I just need to have another one!! HAHAHA!!! Just kidding....not yet!
How can the year have gone by so fast!??! How did Brayden go from this....
to this...
in one SHORT year?! Ugh. Can the years please just slow down?! And if they can't slow down...just let them be filled with days that remind me of how blessed I am to have such an amazing family!! 

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Kelli said...

So amazing how quickly they grow! He is a cutie pie!