Monday, July 16, 2012

Brayden's Monster Birthday Party!!

Whelp, it's official. My baby boy is 1 and he had a huge party to celebrate! I am so happy with how everything turned out for the party and I can't believe how many people were able to make it...about 60 people I think! So in case you haven't already heard the story of how Brayden's birthday party came to be, I will give a quick recap.
I began looking at birthday invitations and found a SUPER cute dinosaur invitation and I thought we were set. Well when it came time to order the invitations, I couldn't find them anymore!! Ugh!! I was back to square one. Mind you, I had already been on Pinterest to find massive amounts of dino stuff to make for the party. I didn't like any of the other dino invitations so I began to look at other themes. I came across an adorable monster themed invitation that had a picture on it and I was sold!! I quickly purchased the invites to make sure I didn't run into the same problem as before. This was great thinking on my part however, I didn't really think about the rest of the decorations before ordering. Once the order was complete, I began to look for monster decor and found it pretty difficult to find monsters that were still cute and kid-friendly and also NOT the Monsters Inc. monsters. I had my work cut out for me!! I turned to Pinterest once again and I was able to find some pretty cute monsters but of course it was all DIY. Let the work begin! I luckily had TONS of help from my amazing family and we were able to pull off Brayden's monster party without a hitch! Here are some photos from the party!

This is the monster bean bag toss/ photo op that I made! I found it on Pinterest and just made a few adjustments (size) to make it work for our party. I knew that I would be having some older kids like 4-5 and some even 8 at the party so I wanted to make sure the game was still fun for them. Brayden was the only 1 year old there besides our neighbor and they obviously didn't play the game so it needed to be fun for the kids that would actually be playing. It was also fun to see all the kids poke their heads behind the monster and take a photo with there face in the monster's mouth! This game was probably the best thing we made because it kept the kids busy the WHOLE party! Heck yes!

These were our simple table decorations...nothing fancy! We made the framed monsters buy putting some watery paint on photo paper and then blowing through a straw to make it splatter out. Then we added a crazy mouth and some googly eyes! Done!! The big, rubber monster is actually from the grocery store and it lights up when it is thrown or shaken! Super fun!

This is another Pinterest project!! Pin the Eyes on the Moster! This was pretty fun as well because the kids got to pick out which set of eyes they wanted to pin and then I spun them a couple of times and off they went to try and pin the eyes in the correct spot! I will have the link for all the projects at the bottom of the post just FYI!
I made Brayden's monster shirt using a plain shirt from Target and then gluing the felt that I cut out. It was super easy and it lasted pretty much the whole party. The poor guy lost an eyebrow toward the end but he was a trooper!!
Besides the hubby being silly, we made the silly cups!! They were just simple plastic cups that we put googly eyes on! I bought the eyes that already had adhesive on the back so it made for easy sticking!
We used basic balloons and just taped some eyes, a mouth and some eyebrows to them and then hung them upside down! It was so fun to get creative with the monster faces and they turned out so cute and festive and the best part?!?! They were super cheap to make!
My hubby was adamant about getting all the kids a goody bag to take home (so cute) so I headed to Target! They had the awesome little tins with the chalkboard label already on them so you can bet I picked those up real quick! Then we added the little rubber monsters, cupcake straws, bouncy balls, playdough and a sticky lizard for the boys and then a neon braid hair clip-in for the girls! I wrote the names of each kid attending on the front and they were done! The kids really loved them and they weren't that expensive to,win!
Have I ever mentioned that my mother-in-law makes AMAZING cakes?!?! Well she does! She made Brayden's awesome monster cake with cake pop eyes and everything! It was definitely my favorite part of the party!!
This was Brayden's smash cake...that he barely even smashed...I will show that later!
And these are the ADORABLE cupcakes! They had candy eyes on them and then my mother-in-law used black frosting to make the silly mouths!
As you can tell, the monster bean bag toss was a HUGE hit!!
And it doesn't hurt that Brayden looked adorable as a monster!!
And after a VERY long day, the poor guy came home and passed out in his birthday party outfit!! 

We had to save opening his presents for the following day because he was just way too tired! And there were also enough presents for 5 children and I knew Brayden wasn't going to make it through that. The next morning, we sadly took my hubby's family to the airport for their flight home. Then we went to my parents house to open all of Brayden's presents! My friends and family definitely spoiled Brayden like no other! My hand will be aching from all the Thank Yous I have to write but I could not be more thankful for everything!! I will post a few pictures of the present-opening extravaganza in another post! For now, here are the links to where you can find the DIY projects we made for the party!


Jess Matthewson said...

Super cute! Glad everything worked out for you and your little monster!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Love all the monster stuff! We did a monster bash party for my daughter's second birthday back in April! Such a cute theme!

Christy said...

What a fun looking day! I love the picture of the kids playing the monster toss game. My little boy just had his 1st birthday party too. They are so fun at this age.