Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Part 3

I promise that this is the last post about Brayden's birthday!! Like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we didn't open Brayden's birthday presents at his party because there were WAY too many and he was definitely getting tired and would not have lasted. So we decided to put off opening his presents until the next morning. We made a trip to the airport to drop off my hubby's family *tear* and then headed to my parents house to open the presents. Holy smokes, Brayden got completely spoiled!!
We opened a few presents on the day of Brayden's party because we had family leaving the next morning!

The Zany Zoo was a total hit!! Thanks Lisa!

And it looks like Christmas morning for 5 children!! Can you say spoiled?!?!

Pushing his lawn mower!!

LOVES his big 4x4 truck from Grandma and Grandpa!!

Very interested in his Cars car.

And then he discovered that he could push it!!

So as you can see, Brayden is definitely loved by family and friends!! It was so great to open all his presents and see all the different gifts! Not one gift was the same! Amazing. Obviously some of the gifts will be put up and brought down later. He can't have this many toys at the same time! It would be overwhelming and then some toys would never get played with. If I put some of them away and bring them out when he is bored with his current toys, it's like the toy is brand new and very exciting. So that is the plan! I can't thank our family and friends enough for coming to Brayden's party! We are so blessed to have so many people that care about Brayden! 

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