Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date Night!!

The hubs and I had a spontaneous date the other night and I think it was one for the books!! Hubby mentioned the OC fair and of course I got super excited! I always forget about those things and I hadn't been to the fair in YEARS!! We called up my dad to see if he would be able to watch Brayden (of course, he was thrilled!) and we were off!
The fair has all sorts of fun stuff and I think we want to go back and take Brayden with us. They had this whole room for little kids that had a gigantic sand pit, little animals to look at and a magic show. I think he would enjoy the fair as much as we did! Since we didn't have Brayden with us, we walked around a bit and looked at all the fried food! They had fried EVERYTHING...I am talking fried smores, White Castle, frog legs, etc. They also had things like a bacon wrapped turkey leg and chocolate covered bacon! Yikes! I wonder if they have ever had someone actually have a heart attack at the fair..I wouldn't be surprised!

Anyways, we stuck with something a little normal, a corndog, and then headed to see all the cute animals!!

Did I mention they had baby goats?!?! So cute!
CUTEST THINGS EVER!!! Piglets...they were
born the day before we saw them!

Next up was a turkey leg and the "Extreme Rodeo"! These men are NUTS!!
Turkey leg!

Ready for the rodeo!
A rider getting taken out! They had to stand
in the circles...last one standing won!
The bull was ready for more!
Crazy men!! Of course...they were Marines!

Last stop? Back to the cute animals!! They were about to close and we wanted one last look at the animals before they were done for the night!
A sheep in camo...not something you
see every day!
Cuddly piggies!
Pigs that would be auctioned off to help
support injured Marines and their families!

Overall, we had a blast! I would definitely suggest anyone in the southern California area make a trip to the fair and bring your kids! It was so fun and we really want to take Brayden next time. I think he would really like seeing all the animals! They also have a petting/feeding zoo...that might be interesting. Anyways, I am so glad that the hubs and I got some time alone together. And we had a date that didn't include dinner and a movie!! Even better since that is usually our go-to date night! It was a great night and much needed :)

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Erynne said...

That looks so fun! I want to see the baby pigglets :)