Sunday, March 4, 2012


Whew! It has been a super crazy couple of months! As a short recap, we have traveled to Alabama, San Francisco...twice, and Palm Springs. On top of all that, Chance and I both got new jobs and I started mine. As for Brayden, he has been growing like crazy and discovering new things every day. He discovered that he can now pull himself up on things and let me tell you, he hasn't stopped doing it since! He is constantly giggling at just about anything and is still a champ at traveling with us wherever we go. He is wearing 9 month clothing and I won't know his length or weight until our 8 month appointment which will be in just about a week. Brayden is getting so much more personality now and we absolutely love it! He is just so much fun! Brayden is still sleeping through the night although we had a week-long spell where he was waking up 5-10 times per night...that was NOT fun! He still only has the two teeth but I am positive that more are quickly approaching. He is also actually crawling now too which is fun but at the same time, I have to keep a very watchful eye on him! Chance even bought him a play yard/cage for when he is at home. Brayden isn't so fond of the cage yet but hopefully he will get used to it.
Now that I have a work schedule, I am planning on penciling in when to update my blog so this two-months-without-posting thing won't happen again! But seriously, a 9 hour work day and then attempting to keep a clean house(which hasn't been happening) and making dinner is just a little crazy but I am getting used to it! I know you will all forgive me if I show you some pictures of the little guy so here ya go!!
Wine tasting with a baby is normal right??

Got to meet cousin Kelli!!

Pretty views!

"I am adorable...and I know it!!"

So happy to see Aunt Samantha and Uncle Mike!

Best margarita EVER!!! Habanero tequila...YUM!

Love Auntie Samantha!

Being silly!

Lord help us!

First baseball game...go Dirtbags!

Looking a little ghetto!

Two baseball games in one weekend=spoiled!

Standing in his crib...the following picture would
have been Chance moving the mattress down!

Yep, that's right...a 3rd baseball game all in one weekend!
Taken by Kelli...clearly I need a better camera!

Family photo in San Fran!
So there ya go! Most of them are from our trip to San Francisco to see Samantha and Mike! The baseball photos are not(obviously, since the Dirtbags aren't a San Fran team!) We had an absolute BLAST in San Francisco and we cannot wait to go back! Hopefully next time Chance will get to come with us!