Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 Month Stats

Yes, I am aware that I am a little behind on this post but Brayden went on his first vacation that included road-tripping to San Francisco! More on that later. As for now, you all need an update on my little man! A few weeks ago, Brayden got his first cold and let me tell you, a baby with a cold isn't fun but he is such a trooper! He was full of snot and sleepy for a few days but he was still his happy self. Thankfully that cold is gone and he is back to normal! We went to the doctor on the 12th for Brayden's 6 month wellness check and the boy is growing like a weed! He weighs a whopping 17 pounds 10.5 ounces!! He is HEAVY!! His length didn't change much, he is at 26.5, but the doctor said that always depends on who is measuring and how far they stretch his legs...not to worry! We know he is getting longer because his feet now touch on his Jonny Jump Up and his bouncer.
As for changes in behavior, Brayden is still super happy and he has become quite the ham. He smiles at everyone and absolutely LOVES when people make silly faces at him or play peek-a-boo! He is eating a lot of real food now including peas (although we have to mix it with bananas or something) pears, peaches, and mixed veggies. He only eats about 3 bottles a day and those happen right when he wakes up, before his afternoon nap, and right before bedtime. Between those bottles he just eats regular food. Brayden has definitely developed his voice and is constantly making some sort of noise. While in San Francisco, he was so loud in a restaurant that I actually had to cover his mouth!! He wasn't crying or anything but instead of just talking, he really enjoys screaming!! It is pretty funny when we are at home but a little embarrassing in front of a bunch of strangers! Brayden is ALMOST sitting up on his own...he can sit on his own but he can't get there on his own. He did it once yesterday but hasn't done it's coming though!! He also isn't crawling yet but that is super close as well. And although he isn't crawling, that doesn't stop him from getting where he wants to go. He moves so fast and of course he always goes where I don't want him to near the corner of a wall or large piece of furniture! Oh well...I guess I should just wait until he starts crawling....then I will always have to keep a close eye on him!
So there is the update for Brayden at 6 months old...I cannot believe he is half a year old!! YIKES!! I need to start planning his birthday party if the next 6 months are going to fly by just as quickly as the last 6 months! And let me just say, I am the happiest person ever! I absolutely LOVE being a mom and Brayden is just so perfect! Of course there are days when I just want to rip my hair out because the house is a mess and Brayden is hungry but I don't have any clean bottles so I have to hold him while cleaning one just so he won't cry (yes, this happens!!) but overall....I wouldn't trade this for the world! And his little smiling face always makes everything better!
How can you not smile at that face??

His favorite bib!!

On a walk...his hat finally fits!

Sexy pose!!!


Happy traveler!

Out for a walk in San Francisco!

Bundled up for the cold weather

His first time in the shopping cart!

Always smiling!