Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Today was a big day people!!! Brayden experienced his first Easter Egg hunt! This is how it went down...we woke up and everyone got a bath and then Brayden got dressed in his super cute bunny onesie (Thanks Lisa!). We made our way to the POA(Police Officers Association) park and got down to business by visiting Grandpa who was cooking up all the hamburgers and hot dogs!

So much food!!

 Brayden was pretty oblivious to the madness that was going on around him! Kids were screaming with excitement when the Easter bunnies came in on the police car with sirens blaring! Once the bunnies were inside the park, the egg hunting began.
Super interested in the sign!

Easter Bunnies!

Found an egg!!

Saying goodbye to Grandpa!

So Brayden got a whopping 4 eggs (two of which Chance and I picked up for him) but he had a great time banging them on the table and of course, putting them in his mouth! I really can't wait for next year's Easter Egg hunt because I know he will be so big and totally excited! All in all, it was a success and these pictures show it all...happy baby! Thats all I need :)

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