Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventures in Making Baby Food

So we FINALLY ran out of the free food from Auntie Ellen (aka Ellen Degeneres)!! It was a very sad day in the Sentelle family household! Buuutttt, I did decide to start making my own baby food so I know exactly what I am feeding my little man. I want him to be as healthy as possible and preservatives just aren't in the picture of healthy in my book! Our adventure began like this!

I bought strawberries, bananas, blueberries, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, spinach and avocados! I also bought peas but I forgot them in the freezer at home! (Thanks Dad for getting me some more!) I bought most of this at the grocery store only because the amount sold at Costco is just a little insane when I don't have that much storage. I did buy the sweet potatoes at Costco because I figured that Brayden loves them and they won't go bad for a while. Anyways, my mom and I started with the veggies because they were going to take longer. 
Steaming the carrots.

Boiling the sweet potatoes.
While this was going on, we started on our fruit! We needed to peel the waxy skin off the apples and simply wash everything else.
Prepping the apples.

Washed blueberries! Yum!
We were finally ready to make some food!! For the first batch, we used blueberries, apples and strawberries.
Batch #1

Batch #2
Our second batch of fruit was less blueberries with apples, strawberries and bananas. The fruit was a success! Now our sweet potatoes were ready to go. P.S. we left the skin on the potatoes because it has so many vitamins but I was sure to thoroughly wash them to get all the dirt off. Anyways, here are our beautiful sweet potatoes!

We simply popped these babies in the blender with some of the water used to boil them and they were done! We also made another batch of sweet potatoes with spinach just to add some extra vitamins. I eventually got to make some peas when my dad got back from the store and I also mixed those with spinach. We put everything into meal-sized portion cups and popped everything in the freezer! 48 portion cups later (and some baggies because we ran out), Brayden's food was complete! 

This isn't all of it...clearly!
While all of this was going on, my little man was really enjoying some fruit in his mesh pacifier thing!
He started out like his
super cute bowling shirt!

And ended like this....eating strawberries= naked baby!
Our adventure ended with testing out the sweet potatoes on the only little man that matters...Brayden of course!

SUCCESS!!!! He loved the sweet potatoes and later that evening he had the sweet potato and spinach mixture. I would say that taking an entire Sunday to make some healthy food for this beautiful son of mine was entirely worth it! I can definitely say I will be doing this again!
If you have any questions about my recipes just leave a comment and I can let you in on my secrets! 

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