Sunday, March 4, 2012

Alabama the Beautiful!

Our family trip to Alabama was amazing to say the least! We bought our tickets very last minute because it was really the only time we had to go after looking over our calendar. We left on January 31st and took the red-eye flight. And by flight, I mean FLIGHTS! We had two stops in Vegas and Houston. I don't think we will be doing that again but it seemed to work fine for Brayden. He slept through each of the 3 flights and that made it so much easier for us. The flights weren't very packed either so I actually got to lay Brayden down on one of the flights across all 3 seats. He slept like a rock! Once we finally made it to Alabama, Lisa picked us up and we immediately went to see Brayden's Big Sittie (his great-grandmother). She was so excited to see us...well Brayden really but we can pretend! Then we headed back to Lisa's house so we could unpack a little and then nap! Four hours later, Chance and I woke up and we continued our day!
We got to see so much of Chance's family and everyone finally got to meet Brayden! We also went to a rodeo (without Brayden of course!) We can't wait to go back and we know that Lisa will be out for Brayden's first birthday in July! I will let the pictures do the talking of our awesome trip!
Ready to go!

Hanging out in the airport!

So sleepy!

Beautiful trees! Even in winter!

Taking a nap in the car!

Cousin Clara!

Of course we had to go to Bass Pro Shops!

Beautiful Farmhouse!

Mansion...I could live there!

Tree-lined roads!

Meeting Great-Grandmother Sue!

Wearing Dad's hat


Such a happy camper!


Tornado destruction!

New houses being built!

Construction to rebuild!

Grandmother Sue and her boys!

Family photo!

Night out at the rodeo!

Crazy bulls!

He loved meeting Big Jittie!

3 Generations!