Friday, April 13, 2012

Brayden's First Easter!

Easter is easily one of my favorite holidays and that is mostly because I get to see my WHOLE family (on my mom's side anyways)! It's a pretty big deal in our family and I was so excited to have Brayden experience it for the first time. In the early morning when Brayden woke up, he/we opened his Easter basket/bucket. He mostly played with the bucket but I didn't was so fun! After all the excitement of his Easter bucket, Brayden ate and took a nap and so I got ready for our family party. When Brayden woke up from his nap, we headed to my parent's house to carpool to my Aunt's house. To my surprise, my mom still got me an Easter basket! I was like a little kid again!! Then it was time to head to Aunt Cyd's house.
Our family festivities begin around lunch time with tons of food and drinks! Then we hunt for Easter eggs and then its back to the food and drinks...can you tell we like to eat and drink?!
Brayden got to spend some time with his new cousins Elsie (3 months) and Addy (9 months). It was so fun to have so many babies around!! I got to spend time with my cousins too and that always puts a smile on my face! My family is so amazing and I am so blessed to be so close with even my second and third cousins. People say our family is weird because I actually hang out with my second cousins and my great aunts more than once a year but I think it's pretty spectacular! I absolutely LOVE being around my huge family and I know that Brayden will appreciate it one day as well.
Speaking of this huge family of ours, I was a little nervous for Brayden to be around so many people that he doesn't see on a regular basis. I was afraid that he would be overwhelmed but he was wonderful! I don't know why I even worried! He gladly went to most family members, stayed on his eating schedule, and even took a short nap! The day was a complete success and I know that next year will be even more amazing because those three babies (Elsie, Addy and Brayden) will all be walking and super pumped!
Here is what our day looked like:
Easter Bunny Brayden!

Pirate Easter bucket!

Cousin Addy

Playing with his egg!

Cooling off in the pool with Grandpa!

Concentrating on the swing! there anything better?!?
P.S. My sister was in town this weekend so that made everything a million times better!!! I don't get to see her nearly as much as I am used to and this was a much overdue visit!! Can't wait to see her again :)

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