Monday, July 21, 2014

Stage Five Clinger

We are officially in the "separation anxiety" stage with Madison. I can remember going through this with Brayden but it seems to be worse with Madison. It's probably because I stay home with her and I worked when Brayden was this age but dang is it tough!

She whines when I walk away from her and even if I am in the same room, she wants me to be holding her. She cries when other people hold her and if someone is holding her and she sees me, forget about it! Full blown tears.

It's so hard dealing with this stage. It can be very hard to get things done during the day when she doesn't let me put her down. I end up doing everything one-handed or I get the Ergo out and put her in that so I can utilize both hands. I know it's just a stage so I try not to get upset about it during the day when she makes things harder. I know it will only last a little while and then she will be independent and won't want to be with me all the time anymore. Then I will be sad. Very, very sad.

So I am trying to soak up those moments when she lays her head on my chest or grabs at my legs for me to pull her up into my arms. I am trying to enjoy those times when she leans over to me when someone else is holding her because she wants me instead. One day soon, that won't happen anymore and I will regret it if I take these moments for granted.

For now, my stage five clinger will be with me every moment that she wants. And you won't hear me complaining (well, not too much anyways!).

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