Friday, July 11, 2014

Brayden: 3 Years Old!!

How did this even happen?! I am not sure how time is moving so quickly but I would seriously appreciated it if someone could PLEASE figure out how to slow things down. I miss my sweet, innocent baby boy. But I would be lying if I said I don't enjoy where we are right now.

Just four days before I had him!

So little!!!

Brayden is so amazing and is such a great big brother to Madison. We could honestly not ask for anything more from this sweet boy! He is caring, gentle, smart, hysterical, active and generous. We are beyond lucky!!

Right now Brayden knows all of his letters (upper and lower case), all the letter sounds, his numbers up to 20, all the shapes and colors and is even starting to use his letter sounds to spell words. He amazes me every day!

He is super active but not necessarily athletic just yet. He just wants to run and climb. Standing around to hit a ball with a bat just takes too darn long for him. Want to race? He will out run you every time! Maybe he will be a track star just like my Grandpa said!!

He absolutely LOVES to help with anything and everything. Pouring juice? Of course. Opening the fridge? Easy. Taking out the garbage? Always wants to come along. I love that he is such a helper and although things may take a little longer, I hardly ever tell him no when he wants to help! This phase won't last long and then I will be kicking myself for not taking his help when it was offered. I am also hoping that this encourages him to continue helping. I want my kids to be the ones that open doors for strangers, help an old lady out to her car with groceries, and offer up his ball at school to the new kid that doesn't have any friends. I am trying to instill these lessons into him now so that when he is a little bigger, he is still the kid that everyone says has good manners and is so nice.

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