Thursday, July 10, 2014

Madison at 10 Months

I can't even believe that in just two months, we will be celebrating this little girl's first birthday. I am in denial already! I would really just prefer to stop time and stay at this stage forever. Apparently they haven't figured out how to do that yet so I guess I better soak up every moment I can.

She has perfected her "model" pose already...

The sandwich bags are fun!

Crazy piece of hair after her nap!

We have been having some awesome moments lately! Madison is seriously such a character and is constantly making us laugh (just like her brother!). She most certainly has a mind of her own and is not afraid to show/tell you how she feels. The girl yells at me when I don't allow her to do something (like pull up the rug). Crazy!

She loves silly faces...and of course I am always willing to look like a fool to see her amazing smile!

Her first time in the grocery cart ended after she managed to turn around and stand straight up all while buckled in as tight as it would go. She's a little daredevil!

She is doing great as far as growth and milestones go. Finally fitting into 9 month clothing, has FOUR teeth (two on top and two on bottom), can stand unassisted, took ONE STEP just the other day and successfully brings large quantities of snack to her own mouth. AANNNNDDDD, she can say a word...."hi". It's quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever heard. Not only does she say "hi" but she waves as she does it. DIE! So cute!!

We are finally to a stage that I really LOVE. Madison is sleeping better, can easily communicate what she needs, plays and interacts and is just really happy in general! We are so incredibly blessed!

-her brother (tickling him too as you can see in the video!)
-teeth (she is always poking my teeth and gums)
-being tickled
-being independent
-eating regular biting into a peach she steals out of the fridge while I cook dinner.

-things being taken away
-not being allowed to do something (pull up the rug, climb in the fridge...)
-getting out of the bath
-diaper changes (she always tries to roll over)

Madison is amazing us every day and we are all just smitten with her. Brayden especially absolutely loves her! He is constantly checking on her, always wants to go in her crib when she wakes up, gives her kisses, pats her on the head, (mostly) shares his toys with her and always wants her to see what he is doing. We couldn't ask for a better big brother for our sweet girl. I think they will be great friends!!

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