Friday, June 6, 2014

Sick Again.

It seems that not just one person can get sick in this has to be everyone at the same time.

It started with Brayden. We had a great morning at the park a few days ago and after his nap, he was a mess. Fever, lethargic, no appetite. Disaster. I took him to urgent care the next day because he still wasn't better but because he had no other symptoms (cough, congestion), the doc couldn't tell us anything. He didn't have an ear infection and his throat was clear of strep. Good news I suppose. We were told to control the fever and make sure he got a lot of fluids. He seemed better the next was back, appetite was back, I thought maybe we were in the clear.

Not so much.

Maddie then came down with a fever and Brayden started coughing. Awesome. Maddie's fever only lasted a little while (maybe half a day) but now she has a cough too. AND my throat is killing me and I am coughing a little.

Just one time, can one person be the only one to get sick?! I thought as the mom I was supposed to be able to take care of my sick kids without getting sick myself. When does that happen? I can hardly ever remember my mom being sick when my sister and I were sick. I am still waiting for that to happen for us.

For now, we are drinking fluids and checking temperatures hoping that this doesn't get any worse. Thankfully they are still pretty happy. Wish us luck!

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