Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day!

With two kids around these days, Valentine's Day is not the romantic holiday for us that others may have. And for us, it's perfect. Husband and I aren't really into Valentine's Day but we do make a point to show a little extra love that day. (I don't expect 1,000 like Kim Kardashian!) I started out the day by making some heart-shaped blackberry pancakes (which Brayden didn't like) and enjoying my beautiful flowers! Husband got a bouquet for me and one for Madison...teaching her early how a man should treat her! 

Next up was presents. We didn't get anything for the kids because my cousin sent them books and their Sittie sent a package of goodies. The kids don't eat candy and have PLENTY of toys so I figured it was best to just stick with the presents they already had. I will eventually do small presents for them like my mom always did for us (socks, nail polish, stickers, beads, hair stuff, etc.) but for now, I think the presents would just be another thing around the house that doesn't get played with.

It was such a great Valentine's Day...I wouldn't have it any other way!

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