Thursday, February 13, 2014


My little girl is starting to hit milestones pretty early (just like her big brother did)! She got her first TEETH!!! Her bottom two teeth poked through just two days ago and she has been playing with them nonstop. She is always moving her tongue around and sucking in her bottom lip.

This is the face I got while trying to take a picture of her teeth. Little stinker!!

I finally got a good shot of her teeth the next day. Such a big girl already!

Luckily she hasn't bit me yet while feeding her although I know that day is coming. Hopefully she doesn't do it too often!

Other than teeth, we hit another major milestone! Madison finally took her first bottle!!!!! WHEW. She has been fighting a bottle her whole little life and she finally took one while the hubby and I were on a date. I am so utterly thankful that we had some success. I can hear the bells of freedom!

This last one isn't a milestone but it's just too cute not to share. As most of you know from the pictures I post on here (as well as Facebook and Instagram), Brayden and Madison absolutely love each other. The other day they had an exceptionally adorable moment and I was so lucky to capture it.

He was dancing for her and she thought it was HILARIOUS!! He was so intent on making her laugh and he was very successful. She was totally giggling at his little dance. Brayden also made sure I was taking video which was equally adorable. Usually he doesn't want to be on film or even take pictures but he was so proud of himself for making her laugh so much that he wanted me to record it!

Maddie wasn't the only one having fun either. He was clearly also enjoying himself. 

Dance video!

It's so amazing to see their relationship blossom and I just hope that they continue to love each other and have fun together.

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