Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sick Baby :(

Brayden began getting a cold a few days ago and let me just say, a sick baby is not any fun at all!! The first night Brayden was sick, he didn't sleep in his crib at all! He would only sleep on my chest which meant I was very uncomfortable and barely got any sleep myself. Of course Chance had to work overnight that night so I was all alone! I called Brayden's doctor in the morning and they gave me some suggestions to help him. I have been suctioning his nose like crazy and giving him saline drops in his nose to help break up all the congestion. He has been sleeping better so I think it is working. At first, Brayden would scream when I had to suction his nose. He absolutely hated every second of it and would try to push my hands away! Well last night that all changed!! He thought it was downright hysterical!! Of course we had to get it on tape because I was cracking up! He was laughing so hard! While that was very funny and all I really hope he gets better soon!! A sick baby makes for a very tired Mommy (and now a sick one!).