Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adventures in Teething and Peas!

Do you hear the *womp, womp, womp* after that title?!?! To tell the truth, teething really hasn't been bad so far. Brayden has two teeth popping through his gums right now...the bottom two. He has been drooling like a Saint Bernard and putting everything within arms reach in his mouth! The only time he was grumpy and seemed to be in actual pain was right before the two teeth came through his gums. Other than that, this little boy of mine didn't even notice that he was getting teeth! How lucky are we?! I just hope that teething continues to be this smooth when his other teeth start coming through.
On another note, Brayden is branching out into other foods now. He absolutely LOVES bananas and he seems to tolerate peas. He gave a pretty interesting face the first time he tried peas and gives that same face every time I give him peas but he still eats them. He has become a pro at actually opening his mouth and allowing the whole spoon to get in his mouth before closing it to eat up the peas/bananas/rice cereal/oatmeal!  So basically, not to brag or anything, I have the most amazing son ever. He is such a happy baby even though he has been teething and has a cold! He constantly smiles and his laugh is most definitely the greatest thing I have ever heard! And to put a little smile on your face, here are some recent videos of my little man!!
Here is the video of Brayden trying peas for the first time. Down below is another video of the same feeding of peas...and let's just say he changed his mind about the peas!