Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Madness!

Brayden's first Christmas was great!! And by great, I mean absolutely-fan-freaking-tastic!! We got to see so many family members and celebrate Christmas THREE times...yep, three times people! That's a whole lotta Christmas!
To begin our holiday festivities, we received a package from Brayden's Sittie (Chance's mom) and put all the presents under our Christmas tree! It made our tree look even more beautiful. Then came Christmas Eve where we ventured over to my parent's house to spend the night. My parents definitely had a house-full because not only did the three of us sleep there, so did Samantha and Mike! It was so fun for us all to be there to celebrate together Christmas morning. (For those of you that don't know, my sister and I have spent the night at my parents house every year, except last year, and we have always slept in the same bed.) Anyways, on Christmas Eve, my dad always gives us girls our first present which is always matching pajamas for us to wear that night. (They are so cute!!) We put those babies on and then it was time for bed.
On Christmas morning, we all walked down the hallway together as my parents videotaped everything....just like we have been doing since I can remember. We went straight to the stockings while Brayden went down for his morning nap! After the stockings were opened and the lottery tickets were scratched, we headed to the kitchen to make some much-needed coffee and I had to make my breakfast roll. We decided to just hang out for a bit because Brayden was sleeping and I wanted him to be awake for the presents. Finally I actually went in to wake Brayden up so we could get things rolling for the day. We opened all of our presents and everyone got spoiled!! Brayden got so many cool toys and obviously super cute clothes! I am completely excited about my Crock Pot, Bundt pan, and bissell sweep and steam! I guess I am officially a wife and mom when I ask for very practical gifts(and am actually excited about it!).
After opening all of our fantastic gifts, we headed back to the kitchen for our breakfast. My mom makes a mean breakfast casserole and we each made a breakfast roll. To say the least, our Christmas breakfast was amazing!
Finally, it was time to go over to my grandparent's house for our big family Christmas celebration. Things were comical as usual! We got to spend time with our whole family (on my mom's side anyways) and eat another amazing meal and once again, Brayden got spoiled when we opened presents!
To say the very least, we had such an amazing Christmas and I can't wait for next year. Brayden obviously does not grasp the concept of Christmas yet and I know he won't next year either but by next year he will at least be excited to open presents and actually rip into them himself!
Here is my massive photo collection from the holiday festivities! Enjoy!

Our beautiful tree!

Loves his Grandma!

So excited!!

Ready for Santa!

Our cute PJ's!
Early morning nap

Ready to open presents

Ripping into it!

A new toy!!

And a new bouncer!!

Hanging with Daddy!

GiGi and GiGiPa!!

The bouncer wasn't the easiest thing to put together!

Finished product!

He loves it...despite that facial expression!

Spending time with cousins!

Feeding time with Momma!

The whole family!