Monday, December 22, 2014

Pigs Flying?

Wow. I have neglected this little blog of mine for WAY too long now. Life got pretty crazy with Brayden in school, Madison's first birthday and then a pretty huge change for our family.

We moved across the country!!

Thats right. Hubby got a job, the job he has been working so hard for, and it happened to be back in his home state of Alabama. This Cali girl packed up the apartment, quit her job, said goodbye to her WHOLE family, and headed for the South. We are finally adjusted, although that will change when we get a house of our own and we have to pack/unpack all over again.

For now we are doing great. Its been almost two months since the big move and we are all adjusted, finally sleeping normal again and as you can see, I can finally get back to my sweet blog! I have missed it so much!

I know I have a lot to catch up on with you all but I will start with getting back to the daily, normal stuff. Right now, since its just DAYS before Christmas, thats what I will be posting about. And probably for the next week or so.

The kids saw Santa a couple of days ago and this year, like every year in the past, turned out a fantastic photo.

Poor Madison did not like Santa AT ALL but for the first year, Brayden LOVED him. He was so excited to see Santa and tell him what he wants for Christmas this year. He literally ran up to Santa and hopped right up onto his lap. I had to rip Madison's fingers off my sweater and walk away to get the photo. She was pretty devastated. The photo couldn't be any more perfect though!

Thankfully, I have all my Christmas shopping done and everything that has been delivered is wrapped and ready for Christmas morning. I still have a few more packages coming by Christmas Eve so those will still have to be wrapped but other than that, I am ready for Christmas. I can't wait to see the kids' faces when they wake up Christmas morning to see all the presents under the tree.

On a side note, I promise to be back at least once a week with an update about us!

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