Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lately: Boys Hunting Trip

Brayden is lucky enough to have TWO men in his life that love to hunt and will no doubt, take him on hundreds of hunting trips during his life. A few weekends ago, Brayden got to experience his first hunting trip with hubby and my dad. They got the truck loaded up around 3:30 in the morning and then got Brayden in the truck around 4 and headed to the flats to hunt quail. I guess Brayden did pretty good sleeping in the truck until about 6. They stopped and got some breakfast and continued on their way. After arriving at the flats around 8, they unloaded the truck and set up camp. Brayden helped collect sticks for the fire, watched as the boys all shot their guns, and ran around camp like a crazy person.

He was obviously not allowed to touch any guns and the boys were all on strict orders to keep all guns away from Brayden for the whole trip. Although they didn't end up getting any birds (because there weren't any birds there), they did enjoy some hiking and a campfire. ! Brayden actually slept really well in the tent with my dad and hubs and then they headed home the next morning.

Brayden had a blast with the boys and he loved being out in the wilderness. I can definitely say that they will be taking many more trips and we actually plan on going camping as a family in the spring. 

Here are the photos the boys took while hunting (they did such a great job capturing the trip!)

Playing in the truck while the boys set up camp.

My two far my favorite picture!

Collecting fire sticks just like Daddy.

Sitting around the fire.

It was COLD in the morning...all bundled up with his 
DVD player, pacis and "friends" Buzz and Jessie.

So beautiful!

I am so glad that Brayden gets to experience this stuff. I loved going hunting with my dad when I was young. I have such great memories of bird hunting and camping out with my family. I just hope that on day Brayden cherishes these moments as much as I do!

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