Sunday, April 15, 2012


Stay- at-home-mom. I so, so, so wish I could be one. I was home with Brayden for about 2 months when he was first born but then I started student teaching. Once that was finished, I substituted for the same school in which I was a student teacher and then I was lucky enough to find the full-time job I currently have. I will just say that I do love my job, however, after being home all week on spring break, it made me realize how much I wish I could be a stay-at-home-mom. I love being home with Brayden and being the one to keep track of his schedule. I love that I am finally on top of the laundry and cleaning. I love having time to take Brayden to the park every day. These are the things I miss out on while at work and I have just realized how much it bums be out.
With that being said, I will most likely never get to actually stay home with Brayden or future little Sentelle babies so I am extra grateful that I get spring break and summer break to spend those days surrounded by chunky thighs and little giggles. I suppose that is the benefit of the work I do! How can you not want to stay at home with this face all day?!
As my spring break comes to an end and I have to go back to leaving this cute little face every day, I just have to keep thinking about summer break in July. Then, I will get almost a whole month with him! I can't wait!


Nick and Lindsey said...

you are such a great mommy!!! We loved seeing you guys over Easter!! I love you Little man he is soo cute! Can't wait to get the babies together again soon! love you guys!

Stephanie said...

Oh thank you so much!! I absolutely loved seeing you guys too! I can't wait for summer so hopefully we can get together again!! P.S. you are my first comment ever! Thanks :) Love you!