Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Today was Brayden's two month check up and he has grown a bit to say the least! He now weighs 11 pounds 1 ounce and is 22.5 inches long!! I guess eating every 2.5 hours is really doing the trick. As far as other milestones go, Brayden is definitely holding his head up and he loves to stand (with our assistance of course). He wobbles a little and it looks like he is dancing... It makes us laugh every time! He loves to make all kinds of noises and is finally starting to smile. He is obviously still as cute as ever and still has those big blue eyes that I love!

So we don't go back to see the doctor for 2 more months and then he will get more shots! I forgot to mention the worst part of today's appointment... The vaccinations!! Ugh! My poor baby boy! He had to get 3 shots in his legs and had one oral vaccine. We started with the oral vaccine which he took really well besides a little choking. He didn't seem to mind that one at all. The shots, however, he was not a fan of! He didn't cry too bad for the first 2 shots but the last one he did not enjoy one bit! He gave a few good wailing cries but stopped as soon as I got to pick him up! He is such a trooper! He fell asleep as soon as we put him in his carseat and has only woken up to eat! Hopefully tonight won't be too bad and he actually gets some sleep tonight instead of sleeping all day and being awake all night! I will give more updates on his condition in the next few days! As for now, he is a growing, healthy boy and we love every inch of him!

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