Sunday, July 12, 2015

Brayden Turned FOUR!!!

Four years old, people!! How the heck did that even happen? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all so anxious for him to arrive. I visited the doctor and we planned on asking for some tips to get labor going. Turns out we didn't need any tips because my fluid level was low and his little heart rate dropped while in the doctor's office. She sent is right over to labor and delivery to be induced. Then just  5 hours later, Chance and I were parents to the most precious little boy.

Here we are, the day after his fourth birthday, and I am in shock. Time has passed so quickly but has been so amazing all the same. We have had so much fun raising this little human (not so little anymore) and we have so much to look forward to still. We have baseball and church camps, sleepovers and school projects. Life is so exciting and I am constantly reminded to cherish the small things when I am with him. He shows such excitement over small things like getting pizza for dinner or a popsicle for dessert. Since those aren't daily, or even weekly occurrences, they are so exciting for him.  I have really learned to take those small moments and revel in them with him (and Madison too). Life is awesome!

We threw Brayden a Paw Patrol themed party and he absolutely loved it! We had friends and family over to our house for our first-ever gathering since we bought our house! It felt so nice to have people over to a a place that will have so many memories.

So lets get to the good stuff. PICTURES!!! I took quite a few but I didn't want to be stuck behind the camera for the whole party. I wanted to enjoy the party and actually see Brayden having fun with my eyes instead of through the camera lens. I did manage to capture some pretty great moments so here ya go!

Our present to Brayden was Paw Patrol bedding which we set up for him the night before his birthday.

He was pretty happy when he came home and saw his new bed set up!

For a birthday morning surprise, I hung streamers in his door frame and put balloons on his bedroom floor. He was definitely surprised!


Maddie was pretty thrilled with the "birthday donuts" tradition since that meant she got some too.

Party decorations! I forgot to get a photo of the food table but we used dog bowls for chips and all the burger toppings. It was so cute!

The biggest kid of them all (my husband!) had this brilliant idea! He worked so hard all day, and the day before, getting the yard ready for the party. It was perfect!

The kids bounced their hearts out!

Waiting for the cake!

PERFECT cake made by my MIL!

Lets just look at Brayden's friend, Reed, to the right. Helping to blow out the candles! Ha! I love it!

And look at Brayden's face in this photo! He was surrounded by family and friends and you can just FEEL the joy coming out of him. It makes me so happy!


His cousins and friends enjoying the cake. Brayden said that "cake is unhealthy" and didn't want any. HAHA! 

Maddie with Uncle Ethan!

New Paw Patrol toys call for a close-up!

This is the morning after the party.... can be so hard after a birthday party!

We truly had an amazing day! I am so thankful to everyone that helped put the party together, clean up after it, called to sing "happy birthday," sent birthday messages and came to the party!

Since we live so far from my family now, we will get to celebrate Brayden's birthday again when we visit California in August. It's not easy being away from them during fun times like these but I know we will get to be with them for over a week and enjoy every moment we have with them!

Lastly, happy birthday to my sweet boy! We love you Brayden!

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