Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lizards, Snakes, and Hedgehogs, OH MY!!

We have been so fortunate to find a church we love and some awesome friends too! Our church hosts "preschool play dates" where the kids that attend the preschool get together during the summer for a fun activity. It has been great for us since Brayden will be starting preschool there next month. We have gotten to know a few other moms and kids that will be there during the school year and Brayden has gotten comfortable with the church/school as a whole so he won't freak out when the first day of school starts.

This week was an animal show and it was pretty cool! They had some unusual animals that you won't see in a zoo or out and about (hopefully!!). Although Brayden and his friends were a little hyper, they paid attention to most of the presentation and we only left a little bit early. (When you get boys together, don't expect them to sit still!)

Best buds (Jacks, Brayden, John Samuel)

He actually touched a few animals! I was shocked.

Hedgehog! So cute!

Huge lizard thing. Brayden just poked it! Lol.

These boys are crazy!!

Maddie wasn't very interested.

Another HUGE lizard thing!

Gigantic snake! Jacks used it like a drum! Lol.

We had a great time and the boys played so nicely together!!

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