Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life in the South

Since we moved here in November, we have had several big changes in our life.

1) Hubby went into the police academy and has since graduated and started working as a police officer. Lets just say, its not easy being a police officer's wife.

2)We bought a house! Very exciting and we absolutely love it and our neighbors are great. We are so blessed.

With those changes also come a new "normal" for us. Hubs isn't always done with work at the same time each day, he doesn't get to take days off, he is constantly exhausted from waking up so early and so I do a lot. I am so blessed and thankful that I get to stay at home with the kids but man, it is a ton of work. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, breaking up sibling arguments, etc. When we lived in California, I was used to having helping hands close by. We have definitely had to adjust being the only ones to take care of our kids (unless we plan it with my MIL. She lives about 30 minutes away.)

Through all of these changes though, we have become so much stronger as a family. I have gained so much patience and I love being the one that my kids solely rely on to give them love and attention. Its crazy some days and of course I still lose my patience, but I pray for patience and try harder the next day to show my kids how much I love them so they can grow up to be humans that love God and love others. The bond between our kids and my husband has been amazing. Even when he comes home and is exhausted, he will set up the pool for the kids, or play with them in their bedrooms, set up the marble set and spend quality time with them even when he can hardly keep his eyes open.

On days when hubby isn't working, we spend our time working on the yard, going on hikes, playing in the pool and having good family time.

To be completely honest, I love it here. Some days are hard when I miss my family but we try to Skype often and we have been back to visit several times already.

My running partner.

On a poured down raining on us.

Chance's graduation.

Receiving his badge.


With birthdays coming up, I'll be back with updates on the kids very soon. Once I get through the tears, I will be able to post about Brayden turning FOUR and Maddie turning TWO!! 

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