Friday, April 10, 2015


With it being National Siblings day I thought I would not only talk about my two kiddos who will hopefully have a great sibling relationship one day but about my own sibling.

I have one sister and I can honestly say we are best friends. It wasn't always that way with high school drama, sharing clothes, being competitive, etc. but I am so thankful she is mine. Here are 5 reasons why she's an awesome sister:

1. She's obsessed with my kids.

  • She loves my kids so much and they love her even more! She is such an awesome aunt and they couldn't be luckier to have someone like her in their lives to look up to.
2. She works harder than anyone I know

  • She has always been goal-oriented and I can't think of a single time that she didn't achieve her goal. She worked so hard to get the awesome job she has and I think she works even harder now.
3. She's goofy
  • We don't see each other as often as we want to these days but we still crack each other up. She has such a great sense of humor (unless it's early in the morning) and can laugh at herself. She's also pretty witty and can come back at you with something that would have taken me an hour to think of (and by then the moment as passed!).
4. She loves LOVE
  • She was always the relationship type (and I was the complete opposite) and I really envied her ability to open up to someone and let them in so close. She has found her perfect man and they are coming up on their one year wedding anniversary and I just know in the blink of an eye, it will be time to celebrate their 30th like my parents just did!
5. She works hard to keep our relationship
  • Honestly, its hard to think about other people when you have two little children running around all day consuming every thought in your very exhausted brain. She calls me at least 3 times a week while she's walking to work just to chat and those are my most favorite calls. I love to just talk to her and see how she's doing and what her and her hubs are up to for the weekend. It makes me feel like we don't live two thousand miles apart.
BONUS: She's incredibly gorgeous too!

And after looking through all my photos, I have realized that we need to take an updated picture together. Yikes! This one is almost 5 years old!

I really hope that Brayden and Madison will form a strong sibling relationship one day. Right now they are in the love/hate phase where they fight and steal each other's toys but then want to be with each other 5 seconds later. I know the fighting will get worse as the years go on but I just pray that they can get over the fighting and know that they are life-long best friends. And if they can't do that on their own, I will just have to nudge them along.

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