Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Restaurants with Kids

Going out to eat with young kids can be a challenge but the other night was a complete disaster. Usually the kids are pretty good and we can get through the dinner without getting glares from other patrons. This was not that night.

Maddie was just not having it. I knew she was hungry but since the restaurant serves cheese biscuits, I figured she would be fine. NOT. Our serve was terrible and didn't even bring us plates for the biscuits so the kids ended up eating them off napkins. Maddie was still grouchy. She's also discovered a new game she like to play. She screams, I cover her mouth, both kids laugh, she screams again. Truly a horrible game when in a restaurant.

There was a table close to us and the young couple had two even younger kids than ours. Very close in age and they were quiet as could be. That made the situation even worse on my part. I kept comparing my kids to theirs and wondering why their kids could behave and mine were being so loud and crazy.

Then I remembered this. My kids are 3.5 and just over 1 years old. They aren't meant to sit still. They aren't meant to be quiet. They aren't meant to not laugh when they think they are playing a game. They don't understand. Well Brayden does and he was fine, just a little needy.

I know we need to keep taking them to restaurants so they do know and learn how to behave there but honestly, it might be a while before we go back out as a family. The next time we do go out, I also plan to have an arsenal with me to make sure the kids are happy and entertained. I found this on Pinterest and I definitely need to create something like it to help the kids while we are out to eat. 

Here is the link to the blog with the description of everything she put in it:

I love the wipes and silverware but I love that she added her own box of crayons and small coloring books. Some places don't have stuff for kids to do and that basically makes it impossible for a kid to sit still and be entertained while at the restaurant. I would add a sticker book or something since Maddie isn't always a fan of coloring.

I will most definitely be whipping up one of these kits before we head back out. I was not a fan of those glares from other patrons and I know my kids are better behaved than a lot of other kids so they just need the tools to help them accomplish that.

What are your tools for keeping your children quiet and happy in a restaurant?

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