Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Madison at 9 Months!

This little girl of ours sure has some personality these days! She has really started coming into her own and she just cracks us up! She is still so different than Brayden was as a baby and it's so fun. She is constantly on the go and we really have to keep a good eye on her. Fuzz, hair, leaves, flowers, dog hair, socks, puzzle pieces....EVERYTHING goes right into her mouth. And she still enjoys finding any cord available and putting that in her mouth too. Very safe. NOT! This girl of ours is quite crazy. She doesn't have a cautious bone in her body and I anticipate her being quite the dare-devil as she gets older.

She can totally stand on her own but isn't taking any steps yet. I think she will be walking around the same age that B started walking (10 months) and then we will really have to keep an eye on her. Madison currently has 3 teeth...the bottom two and one on the top. So far the other top tooth isn't coming down so I think it will be slow moving like her other top tooth.

Something new that she is doing (that is AMAZING!!) is falling asleep on her own! I cannot tell you how great this is. She was never really difficult to put down but she started waking up after nursing when she should have gone to sleep. One day, I had lost my patience and just put her in her crib and left the room. She cried for about 10 minutes but fell asleep. The next time, she only cried for a few minutes and now she either doesn't cry at all or cries for one minute or so. Brayden was so difficult to put to sleep as a baby...he would wake up every time I put him in his crib and being a first-time mom, I picked him back up and rocked him until he went to sleep. Huge mistake!! When we finally did the CIO method with him, it took him a solid 5 days to figure it out. Torture! I am so glad that Madison is pretty good and falling asleep on her own and staying asleep when I put her in the crib.

I've mentioned before that she is little and I am being very literal! She is still wearing 6 months clothing (although I am hoping we are into 9 months clothing soon...the onesies are getting a little hard to button because she is long). She only weighs 17 pounds so she is in the 25th percentile for weight. Although she is skinny, she is pretty tall. She is 28 inches so that puts her in the 75th percentile for height!  The doc said everything looks great and she is growing along the curve so I don't need to worry. Whew!

-animals (she is such an animal lover!! Dolly, my parents black lab, is her favorite because she licks Madison and will let her pull on her's so dang cute!)
-baths...water in general actually. She likes the pool too.
-watching her brother run and dance (she starts yelling with joy)
-fruit in the mesh pacifier
-muslin blankets (she sleeps with one every night)
-being tickled and kissed
-animal noises (dog and donkey are her two favorite noises)
-all her brother's toys (I swear she doesn't play with anything that is actually hers!)
-going outside (she makes a beeline for the front door anytime it is opened)
-playing with Brayden's toys
-clapping (she doesn't do it on her own yet but she likes when we do it or help her to do it)

-bouncer, swing, stroller...she doesn't like being strapped down
-bottles, pacifiers (still doesn't take either...I have given up on the bottle)
-when Brayden takes things away from her

Things She Can Do:
-scale a freaking box like a spider monkey! See video below.
-use fingers to grab Puffs and put them in her mouth
-stand on her own
-fall asleep on her own

She's finally a good eater!!

She single-handedly knocked over the circus tent...and thought it was hysterical! Brayden thought it was awesome and climbed right in.

This was the day before I lost my was rough. 

Swing lover!

Her new hobby...pulling things out of the refrigerator and then climbing in. Crazy!

I heard her making all sorts of noises and I find her here...between the chair and coffee table. Again...crazy!

Happy girl!

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